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links for 2009.09.24

Why comedy writers should not write headlines FBI probing whether Census worker's death involved foul play - the circumstances surrounding the hanging death, yes, it could have been suicide, but after carving FED into himself?

When we are finished with the evil liberal media, uh... HuffPo Cofounder Takes On ‘Democrat-Media Complex’ - Breitbart Uses Netroots Tricks to Take Down ACORN will he have what it takes to do a review of the FauxNewsKomplex and their friends?

Project Censored Releases Their 2010 List Of 25 Stories You Should Know, But Won't Hear From Mainstream Media - what more does one have to say, but that the tragedy continues.

Oh well, the good news is 10 Ways the U.S. Military Has Shoved Christianity Down Muslims' Throats - It's not just private religious organizations that act like Christian crusaders. does offer us a positive context in which to consider Our Oil Addiction Is About to Make Life a Lot Nastier - The great age of renewable energy is in our distant future. Before then, energy prices will rise, environmental perils will multiply and conflict will grow. Buckle your seatbelts. Since, well having a religious holy war for Oil is clearly better than having a secular holy war for oil, eh no?

Shocking! Alleged Terror Plotter Indicted WHAT! mere civilian law enforcement engaged in RED Socialist LawEnforcement with mere civilian legal court thingies, and no Majikal Powers Act! No Torture! No GitMoIzing! how can this be Mr. Bill?

While Michael Moore is out pimping his new economic model, there is the other Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Really Pay What You Wish? Which I really hope makes a break out play soon. A part of what I see in a shift from a social darwinism based upon the spencerianist "red in tooth and claw" competitiveness, to a Roughgardenianist based co-operativeness, would be the shift from getting all that you can, to a get what you need. We can hope that the new generation growing up in a more transparent socially interactive media will be willing to take on these types of risks. Who knows, maybe even find that Gov 2.0 that will support the new economic model.

The shrill one reviews a book: Keynes: The Return of the Master by Robert Skidelsky - The great economist's theories have never been more relevant – and his biographer remains their most compelling advocate, says Paul Krugman - we may all need to read it as we move forward in the new economic realism.

Well that is Post Surrealism:
In a column for Townhall.com, action star and conservative activist Chuck Norris calls on tea partiers to stop using the modern American flag as a means of protest against the current administration. And if you insist on using the 50-star flag, well, you can buy a tea-stained one for just $73.50 to show "solidarity with our Founders."
[ cf Chuck Norris: Stop Using The Modern American Flag -- Or Use Tea-Stained Ones ]
Wow. What if there were a constitutional amendment that allowed the Obamanites To Intern anyone caught desecrating the national ensign?

For those of you who are interested Believing In Wet Works offers us Scott Horton discusses the available scientific evidence showing that torture doesn't work and then notes this new information: - which is about science stuff and not about the Faith Based Belief in Believving that it works.

Also in that mix: Feds starts with It's a good thing that none of this violent anti-government rhetoric is dangerous in any way. But that doesn't change the fact that census workers are the enemies of freedom: - but as we know, liberals just leap to those strange conclusions first.

Hoisted from Comments: A Jury of Prosecutors Would Hang John Yoo High where there is still discussion about how it would be Another thought: it is almost surely better for Berkeley to act against Yoo than for the Justice Department to do so--for the Justice Department to do so would be to take a step in the direction that led Caesar to lead his army across the Rubicon. Since we may need to find a way for civilians to regulate these forms of criminal conspiracies. What Do We Do About John Yoo? unfortunately remains an open question.

Helpful advice from MoJoWire - NOTE: this might have been a lynching, but we don't really know yet. If people in Kentucky start showing around pictures of themselves smiling and standing around in large crowds next to the hanging bodies of federal workers, then there will be no doubt. - yup. If there are more dead fed's in old KenTucKy, then we may has us a problem there.

CIA’s Epic Fail Turns 60; Blown Soviet A-Bomb Case Still Stings - are you doing your part to protect and maintain our Traditional family values?

Hum - Did Obama Force Gates to Cut the Pentagon Budget? offers us this cherry nugget -
Under the Bush administration, Pentagon spending had shot up 75 percent in eight years.
( emphasis mine ). Which part of sustainable growth should we as fiscally conservative types be talking about here? Or should we just wave the white man's burden and hope folks follow in line with their tea stained flags?

Ok, so I have to cite this:
Glenn Beck defies the religious right and conducts a real science experiment, then ignores results. This is probably a metaphor for something.
[ cf Glenn Beck Boils Republicans ]
And that is Suppose to come as a surprise? There is a video you can watch, if you have not already seen it.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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