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Should civilians be allowed at GOV 2.0?

http://www.gov2summit.com/ - there is an interesting set of angst that I get when I am watching O'Reilly get in bed with boozallen about government transparency. Especially in the current day and age.

One side of me argues that we are going to have to have dialogs with the governmental privatizers who have an investment in retaining the HomelandSecurityInvestmentBubble, since, well, uh, they are going to need to work out how they are really actual vendors of services to a monolithic government, rather than merely the captured day labor of Socialism.

The big scary thot is that this is just "government reform kabuki theatre" to replace the previous "homeland security kabuki theatre".

Because when I hear
Now the time has come to reshape government. With the proliferation of issues and a scarcity of resources to address them all, leaders inside and outside government are turning to the principles of participation, collaboration, transparency, and efficiency to address the challenges facing our country and the world. This is the agenda of the Gov 2.0 Summit.
I really have to wonder which part will be willing to stand clear of the whole TownHall Follies....

So my hope is that we will be able to get the sort of uplift to basic governmental processes, that we have been watching with the more participatory web, but, will that really be the game? Will we really get the democratic republic in a constitutional fedearlism? Or are we merely playing games.
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