drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Learning those soft skills, the hard way.

Ok, so I tried to order my drugs, and opted to add the 'flownaise' as well. Then I got a blink from the phramcist that there was an issue with the insurance. So I start winding up the "TERRIBALIZING MACHINE" - and of course, well, it's not quite the same TM it use to be. Because I pull out the freaking folder on my cobra stuff, and drop a phone call on their people to find out what the SitRep is, have I missed a cobra payment, which is really scary. But my paperwork stays that I have not, so, WTF.

Let things hang for a bit, as my angst goes up.

Opt to call the phramacy. Turns out that one of those DEATH PANELS at the insurance will not allow me to order a new dosage of flownaise until the 24th.

That is our crisis! I Mean, WOW! I was trying to avoid having to bike down their twice. Well so much for that panik. So I thanked the nice person and we moved on down the road...

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