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Proof Positive that The True War President has not left america at the mercy of a mere civilian uppity one! Russia Scraps Missile Deployment after Obama Cancels Missile Shield - I mean, we really can not seriously believe that this is a response from the Russians that was not forced upon them by the One Person who single handedly defeated the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers on 911! How else could this have happened?

See The Economy is Economical! California's unemployment rate hits 12.2% in August -
The rate rose from 11.9% in July, setting a record, but the pace of job losses slowed.
. The fun of course is that the DOW is primed to race over the 10K mark, and then, well, collapse again, as profit taking by those who wish to frivilously squander their money on food, rent, silly things, opt out of the economic miracle!

DON'T NATIONALIZE THE FHA! FHA's Refusal to Seek Bailout Met With Skepticism - Critics Concerned About Agency's Reserves Dropping Below Mandated Level. Hey, someone has to get that joke up and running. I mean, we are expecting it to join the passing parade of paranoia.

Wow, finally the scary HORROR of true Red Socialist ValuesVoters, uh, what? 'Pimp' in ACORN video shares story - James O'Keefe calls himself a progressive radical and an investigative journalist without formal training. ACORN's tactics had made him angry, he says.. Show of hands folks, since we all know that Progressive is codeWord for Liberal, which is codeWord for Communism, then should anyone really be supporting this stunt? So what is the Typical Face of the New Radical Progressives:
Giles, whose father is conservative Christian commentator Doug Giles, had not met O'Keefe when she called him in May. They traded e-mails and messages on Facebook before O'Keefe finally drove south to meet her.

Ron Robinson, director of Young America's Foundation, where Hannah Giles spent the summer learning about journalism from conservative media experts, said Doug Giles has reason to be proud of his daughter.
Could it be that there are some interesting word usages in play here? What if Progressive Radical is codeWord for, uh, well what would it be codeWord for then? And is that even the real story here?

One of the scariest editorials on the Pimping Acron crisis that I have heard so far raises the unpleasant question:
Why were government responsibilities outsourced to this private group?
Which of course leads to the problem of whether or not having government provide government goods and services, rather than privatizing them, uh, might be a part of the core issue that REALLY is worth the debating point.

Hum, Top Ten Ways to Convince the Muslims We're On a Crusade - what if a part of the concern SHOULD be about ways to convince americans that we are NOT on a crusade.

You know bagnotes does art and Journalism: Shiloh Delta. Great photo!

What? no Majik Bullets? 4 steps to a worry-free retirement - you mean the transition into Bond is now the new Black again? What next? Shifting values voters back into the group where it is about being able to have actual value, and not merely faith based value?

When they talk about ousting obama, does that mean that they have an actual active policy, or that their faith based approach will allow them to be emotionally upset if someone actualizes their policy? The Last Time Right-Wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This a President Was killed - </i>It's a demented national jihad, the likes of which this country has not seen in modern times.</i> Will we need to have the shootings before we as a nation can return to a rational national discourse?

Oh no, those RED Socialist FunMakers are at it again: Why We Need a Government Agency To Defend The Pursuit of Happiness - We need to concentrate on our own happiness if we expect to make a difference in the careening technological and slovenly evolving social world of the 21st century. An interesting idea who's time may come. Clearly the TeaBagger's have opted in on being the new kids on the bus. So maybe it is a great idea to have more Grateful DeadDeathPanellersForJesus in the flow of our national post surrealism. Or we might reconsider what Kruugman was talking about in terms of 'the great compression' - but that will require that we work out how to do that in the current context of a global economy. Obviously the sort of simplistic Stalinist "socialism in one nation" ideology does not take clear and objective view of historical reality. But that way would lead us back into the problem of what if the self evident positions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was not merely a localized nationalist dogma?

Ok, sorta a repeat Values Hoe Down Gets a Bit Heated - you have to respect this whole ValuesVoter motif, where it is about shutting down not only the Evil Liberal Media, but also the FoxNews evil liberal media.

Maybe folks should be judged by what they really said:
Irving Kristol explains where the economics articles he published in The Public Interest came from:
Among the core social scientists around The Public Interest there were no economists.... This explains my own rather cavalier attitude toward the budget deficit and other monetary or fiscal problems. The task, as I saw it, was to create a new majority, which evidently would mean a conservative majority, which came to mean, in turn, a Republican majority - so political effectiveness was the priority, not the accounting deficiencies of government...
[ cf Irving Kristol in His Own Words, R.I.P. ]
Or not.

If you didn't know, CIA Directors conclude CIA shouldn't be investigated for murder - ah yes. What if we had to live in a rational world where the idea of state sponsored terrorism was not a euphemism for hatingTheyThemThoseTypes.

That interesting insight. What should we do with the problems of demagoggery in america? In s9: Glenn Beck reminds us that for four years now he has been warning folks about the Glenn Beck problem. What the nation really needs to do is work out IF we still have the time to work on restoring a national civil discourse? Some reasoned place where issues and ideas can be addressed. Or do we have to stay tactical on all of these issues.

An interesting space given the MediaFearMongering, FCC’s Net Neutrality Push to Boldly Go Where Congress Has Failed Thrice Before - clearly it would be nicer to get congress in on why there needs to be net neutrality. So we take the happy we have as a step towards what needs to really be done.

In related horrors Skype-Joost Licensing Drama Déjà Vu for Friis & Zennström - it appears that there is a badly done three way with Skype, Joost, eBay, that has been a silly waiting to happen. So while we talk about tort reform et al, why not a law outlawing DorkyNeff. Get Dorky, Get Thrown In Jail, It's The Law!

Oh why not - there is an interesting discussion about self installing software - How Should Mac Apps Be Distributed? - that is followed up in Move to Applications Folder? As long as there is a way for me to run more than one version of an App, I think I am so down with that. What I all to often do is run the new version from what is essentially /usr/unsupported/bin until I am convinced it is a good thing to install it. Your mileage may vary.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

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