drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It's official

Persons who have been in IranqIstania, and pakistan, may have been there while al-qaeda types were.

Thus proving that liberals are evil people.( Denver Man Admits to a Possible Al Qaeda Connection, Officials Say - where we learn, admitting that he had perhaps unwittingly crossed paths in Pakistan with extremists allied with Al Qaeda, ) In related news we learn:
I told you earlier that the MSNBC reporter at the Values Voter Summit got harassed by some attendees. And while that was happening he said the crew from Fox was getting the same treatment. But we hadn't seen the video, which is even weirder than the MSNBC clip.

The guy basically overawes the Fox reporter by insisting on hovering over him and mumbling until he relents. By the end of the encounter the Fox guy looks like one of those freaked out, hollow souled guys from Heart of Darkness. The whole Fox crew was trying to do its best to push the Value Voters event. But this dude just wouldn't cut them any slack. Take a look.

[ citing Even Fox Not Spared ]
Thus making it clear that the radial left wing socialists extremists in the Obamanite Regime are repressing the journalists!
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