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links for 2009.09.18

Growing Threat Of Civilian Government! A Sharp Elbow Concealed in a Troop Compromise Shock! Shock! Horror! Horror! RED Socialist Socialist believe that civilian control of Military will continue as a core part of RED Socialist Socialism!

Rush to restore fifties Kultur Limbaugh's Racist Shocker: "We Need Segregated Buses" - but I guess we all knew that draft dodger dope smoking peace freak kapitulationist kut and runner RED Socialist Defeatists would automatically turn to the government and seek some sort of RED Socialist Rescue, rather than turning to the glorious Militarily Victorious Market Fundamentalism to turn back the Terrorist Attacks of Darkies!

Oh no, Evangelicals Divorce More Often Than "Godless" Europeans? Exploring America's Strange Relationship With Marriage - Why do Americans have such contradictory impulses when it comes to wedlock? . WARNING: this article does not explain the RED Socialist DefenseOfMarriageIsms that have been advanced by the Defeatist Kapitulationist Kut undt Runners who are not willing to turn to the glorious Militarily Victorious Market Fundamentalism to turn back the Terrorist Attacks of GayHomoZexualPirateZombieCyborgs that are the obvious causes of Kapitale Gaines Taxes!

6 Questions With Harper's On "Republican Gomorrah"
- in which talk to action interviews max blumenthal about his new book. An interesting survey of the marriage of inconvenience between the republican party, remember the party of lincoln and his blue belly bayonet weilding bible burners who persecuted the first openly christian nation in the WORLD! and the Christianists who want to end any separation between the church and the Divine Manifestation of the Divine Will in the way that the church leads the way. So why not have a messy relationship, now that the victory of the southern strategy has taken the system out of the reality based community, and far off into the bliss of the pure post surrealist system.

OH NO! catfight in which we learn Rushbo is being eclipsed by a barking madman. And you should also check out Pre-Beck Beck - since someone needs to stay on top of which kultKampf is kruzing down the lane behind Komrade Party RED Socialist Riding Hood!

Hum, so being anti-illegal is sort of a moral relativistic sorta thing: ‘You lie’ Wilson shows two faces on illegal immigration - but gosh, if one is pro-illegal immigrant, before one is anti-illegal immigrant, while holding both at the same time, then, uh, the holding of not holding is a bag of beingBeginningWithOutThingusAndStuff! You know, to stop the Evil Liberal Princess Sparkelee Poney who hates white christian america!

Then there is this shiney pennny: Index of religiosity correlates positively to index of teen births - or, why would this not be surprising. What is the problem with majik thinking as an approach to life?

On the scary side: Something to Watch: The Federal Reserve's New Toys - I wish I had higher confidence that the whole gambit of the Fed/Treasury/congressionalOversight has done the right sorts of things with cleaning up the financial sector. But for the moment I am not as happy as I would prefer to be. ( see also Financial Regulation - where we learn that many folks not get tort law and order )

Why the horror of The Chatteling Class where sadly no gives us the shorter to what deLong gave in Yes, David Brooks Really *Is* That Stupid....

Not sure I want to go here: Air Force Doctor Gets Medal for Serving on Rendition Torture Flights - since that gets into the messy ethical problem of doctors being involved with torturing persons.

An interesting take on the failure that is the Sale of Mint to Intuit - The next generation bends over - the related article posted at techmeme is Memo to Start-ups: You’re Supposed to Be Changing the World, Remember? Which raises the socio-kulturKampf question of whether or not the role of start ups in an imperial kultur is about changing things, or is it about managing that things do not get any messier than they need to. But do we really want to talk about the grand kultural irony of the 'libertarianists' who were never able to resolve how it was the TCP/IP came out of the HORRORS of RED Socialist DARPA, and would be the basis for the HORROR of the privatizing of the internet. Rather than that the Wonders of the Free Market had created the internet from whole cloth based upon such wonders as the internet leadership from redmond. Or should we just not get into that mess and just keep the discussions about start ups either as TechDivingHoles or as The Majikal Forest Of FreeMarkettering, complete with Princesse Sparklee Poney!

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