drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The asymetric problem

A friend of my recently raised the fear point - what happens when some stateless actor up and does a nuke strike on some american friendly space. { I will expand it to include more than just the USofA } And it struck me that this has always been a part of the matrix.

James Bond put a nice white guy face on bloefeld - and hence the prospect that some stateless actor would generate the NBC ( nuclear, biological, chemical ) attack on the US or it's associates. Which, during the cold war, could well lead to MAD - and the planet killing options.

But now, if a stateless actor were to attack, it would be REALLY HARD to sell it as a MAD event.

Yes, one faces the problem that one is not going to just be able to attack THEM, since, well, stateless actors are NOT from There where THEY live.

So while, gosh, yes, this is scary stuff, it really is less of a threat than it had been a mere 20 years ago. So maybe it is time to help deal with how to get the NeoCons past their trauma that they attacked a CIA asset that was trying to solve this class of problem by working on the proliferation problem. What if we were to work on how to prioritize our angst so that we work with the problems we can solve, and leave the rest to FoxNews?
Tags: memewar, war

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