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links for 2009.09.15

The New Normal? - seems an armed protestor showed up at an obama rally: Secret Service Questioned Man With Guns Outside Obama Rally In Minnesota - but we does have to wonder, how long till we can get past the gunBrandishing Phase - and get on down to the getting on down to it.

Could it be that the problem is tied to the cafateria approach to doing Afghanistan? Afghanistan Troop Request May Contain Political Fail-Safe: McChrystal May Offer Obama a 'Palette of Options' - and well, uh, there you have it, a failure to actually bear arms at the president to show him that the DOD is serious about supporting the troops and not that Uppity One. Ah yes, could that be a core part of the frame work problem. Out in CRAZY land, gunBrandishing is performance art detached from the actualities of body counts. So of course they don't really care about the actual armed combatants, and the actual armed confict, because those are not about the performance art and the posturing.

Which does bring us to Laid Off Today - bagnewsnote's wonderful image of the continuing collapse of all of those MBA's from the horror filled world of the evil liberal wall street...

Maybe some evil liberal professor should have taught them about the realPolitik of Billionaires Thank Tea-Baggers at Glenn Beck's March on Washington: The Billionaires' motto is: "If we’re not broke, don’t fix it."

Which leads a litany of economic interesting points, leading off with freakonomics attack on freedom, Lucas on the Shortcomings of Modern Macro where they engage in the evil liberal attack of showing an actual Lucas quote supporting the shrill one. How shocking retreating into mere reality based stuff. While the Shrill one offers up some commentary on the whineFest: Macro situation notes and Freshwater Rage. Both fun reads.

From Niewart another, duh moment, Yes, 'respectable' Republicans, you do have reason to worry. Which also points at the catastrophy of No U.S. distributor for Charles Darwin movie because of fear of fundamentalists, and that unpleasant reality, Commandments Caper: Louisiana Town Permits Decalogue In Park.

So would be surprised by When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition - is america, they do things differently there...

Bagram: The sham of closing Guantanamo - the headline mostly says it, tragically, all.

So when are death squads a viable option? Africa’s ‘Most Wanted’ Killed in U.S. Commando Raid - I mean what if an UppityOne were in the white house and opted to start targetting criminals in america in that manner.... What would protect american dissidents from waking up with a Sub Launched Cruise Missile in their TeaBagging?

What? Sonic Blaster Deployed to Political Events, Beach Competition - military weapons staged against peaceful teabagging? In America, under the Obamanite Socialist Hell?

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