drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

links for 2009.09.14

First up - Worst Republican Governor Ever: Tim Pawlenty - for extra credit, what is the really cool part of Negro Seamen Act and it's impact on constitutional law - and would knowing that be important when pretending to posture about constitutional law?

Barack Obama Does Something Really Stupid: Tire Tariffs - an interesting idea. Gosh, what if we had adopted the strategy of giving each of the dead from WTC attack a Million in Tax Dollars each? Ah yes, when is it a greater idea to have protectionist policies that are really expensive.

Thank You For Your Service where we learn that Former Marine Corps Commandant Charles Krulak and former CENTCOM Commander-in-Chief, unlike dear old dick, was clearly aware of what the laws of land warfare say.

Ok, so we have to ask? was bill clinton a case of flesh eating nuclear syphilis, which arises from the scary in Clinton, 9/11, and the Republicans' Born-Again "Virginity" Problem - maybe now would be a gooder time to sort some of that out.

ZOMGZ! Venezuela’s ‘Shop ’til You Drop’ Deal with Russia - it is red dawn all over again! Can there be any clearly explanation for why Gun Brandishers need to turn in those pinko red soft on communist left wing gun grabbers in the NRA who do not understand that at any time now the Communist Armoured Airborne divisions will start parachuting massive heavy tank divisions into america to link up with fifth columnists!!! Now more than ever, every man woman and child needs their own SAM, ATGM, RPG sets to stop the Communist Wall Of Wonder! Before Attilla the Eskimo unleashes the red hordes of MexiKanukistania upon us!!!

Ok, it is a slow news day, and I just can not motivate myself to cope with the generic wingNuttery. Did the FireFox/Flash update, as well as there are other security updates to take in. So... who knows maybe we will get GunBrandishers with a little button on them for Update RealitySphere Now. that will help get them up to the current release.

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