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links for 2009.09.13

Update2: Joe Wilson’s War: In praise of indecorous debate - yes it is good to harken back to Charles Sumner’s 1856 caning attack at the hands of Preston Brooks as a part of our more Halcyon Days. So how should we have public debate in this nation? I mean, after the massive air strikes against suspect terrorist strong holds has occured, I of course mean.

Talk To Action raises the scary Army Officer Who Said Blacks Were Better Off as Slaves Promoted with Obama's Blessing - how should a republic deal with the various forms of christian indentity and/or dominionist movements? Organizations that are fundamentally opposed to the United States Of America as a Constitutional Federal Republic.

Anti-Abortion Group Announces Drive To Outlaw Birth Control Pill in Florida - a good plan, as it sets up an attack on Griswold. That would not only improve the attack on Roe, but if we are lucky we can also have more people to help drive down the value of labor. ( give us that old time malthusianism, give us that old time malthusianism, give us that old time malthusianism, it's good enough for me.... )

Obama Levies Tariff on Cheap Chinese Tires, Saving American Jobs A TARIFF! Why that is Socialism.

Greenwald offers us Is the Right's attack on Obama's legitimacy new or unprecedented? and recommends that you also look at JUST WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT! Grassley’s a part of Establishment Washington. Colbert King won’t say his name. What concerns me is the limitation to the fact that this was the behavior against Clinton. Which simply says that the whole movement conservativism of the reaganites has not really changed in the last 30 years. Not, that this is either expected, or in some way 'american'. Merely that movement conservatives are still out there doing the same story.

The media coverage of the 9/12 stuff is as frightening as any of the previous mall events, only with a more different sense of the absurd. The pontifical pioutous self-unconsiously post surrealists. There are too many crazy signs that are making the rounds to pick any 60 thousand of them as specifically the case of being wacky.

UPDATE: The Ink Tank: Editorial cartoon roundup is a fun sequence of anti-american cartoons, as they seem to believe that evil Obamanite "respect your parents, stay in school, study hard, and be responsible" RED Socialist UnAmericanism.

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