drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Profits Are Profitable!!!

General Motors Corp., the world's largest automaker, revised its first-quarter results to reflect a change in accounting, resulting in its first profit in six quarters.
[ cf BloomBerg: GM Reports 1st-Quarter Profit After Accounting Change (Update1) ]
Ah Yes, with the right numbers, numbers are numerical!!!!

Can there be any doubt that the Greatest Economical Miracle is Miraculously Occuring!!! And that While All of the Evil Doing Evil Doers are engaged in their God Hating America Bashing and forgetting that it Was The War President who saved America not only from the Horrors of Those Iranian Flying Saucers that Attacked American on 09/11/2001, but the Decades of Economic Gloom and Despair!!!

Now more than EVER!!!!! Americans must Chant:
IF the Blue Dressee Does Not Fitee!!!!
Then Youee Mustee Aquitee!!!!
Or the Dark Evil Days of the Nineties with the Heinous Iranian Flying Saucers Swirrelling Everywhere Destroying All Before them will return!!!!

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