drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

offering tax advice to a politician running a whore house...

The U.S. Census Bureau on Friday dropped Acorn as a partner for the 2010 Census after two separate hidden-camera videos captured four employees of the community organization giving tax advice on running a brothel to a man posing as an aspiring politician and a woman posing as his girlfriend and a prostitute.
[ cf Census Bureau Cuts Its Ties With Acorn ]
Well it's not like they were advocating tax avoidance because of the evils of the Socialist Welfare State. Nor were they opposed to the Entrepreneurship of creating jobs. Nor is it really all that problematic that politicians are in bed with their contributors.

So help me out here, what is the issue that we are suppose to take away here?

The Evil Obamanite RED SOCIALIST census bureau is anti-FreeMarket.

Like DUH! We knew that.
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