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links for 2009.09.11

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture? Asks the hard questions! One of the worst of them is what my friend craig raised as Is it real or is it The Onion and he offered up Police free 9 from fake Big Brother house.

In related news is How one becomes "crazy" in Washington culture in which greenwald also tries to unwrap if Washington Kultur is merely an Onion Gag. ( and yes, the tom tomorrow cartoon at the end is priceless ) { ok, so I think that too many liberals just do not understand WHY we need a Minotaur based information extraction system. }

There is also 14 Things You Need to Know About Obama Heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson not the least of which is that he is really Addison Graves Wilson. Which makes one wonder why he hates his own name so much that he wants to be known as a plumber? What is wrong with being an elitist in an elite party?

You gotta love Michael Savage Has to Apologize to Brave New Films since, wow, Michael Savage, the valiant defender of his own personal first amendment rights. And most importantly, the right not to be actually quoted or held accountable for what he actually says.

Why Do Women Singers Have to Look Like Barbie? assumes that music is still just music. Unfortunately we are looking at the discussion through that YouTube lens, where a critical factor is getting folks to watch and buy. Rather than to listen and buy. But barring that part of the dialog, the core question remains in play.

In related news Obama's Quagmire Looks a Lot like Vietnam offers up a part of the discussion we should be having about how much 'because we need to have a war' does the nation actually 'need', and more importantly, can afford. Then there are the questions about what is the real mission? To solve a problem in afghanistan? or win the domestic political issues?

Wow, thanks Religious maniac hijacks plane. for running that to ground. I heard a snippet of this on the radio - Religious maniac hijacks plane. - it appears that a christian was seeking the will of god in this incident. Should we now start rounding up christians, you know like malkin, et al, and their concerns about darkies? Or should we really start working on how to have a public and private space where people can work out what 'spirituality' should, could and can mean?

Only on Planet Coulter: Republicans' gutting of regulatory oversight in Madoff case proves it doesn't work. Unfortunately on Planet earth, it would prove that deregulating does not actually work. But then again, why not propose that those who are not actually on planet earth are not allowed to vote in american elections. Yes, I know that would put a crimp in the tin-foil alien reptile people party, but if you really believe that they swept Obamanites into power, the downside would be what again?

Coast Guard shelling on potomac target. Training Exercise ... but can we really trust the evil liberal media?

May Jesus help the Philadelphia City Council in drafting new Dumpster regulations where we learn about We ask this in the name of our resurrected and soon-coming king, Jesus the christ, the anointed son of god. and it's applicability to policy processing.

And a new section I will start dithering with "Clean, separate, cook, and chill" since with a housemate, there will be more need for well organized fooding, and not merely grazing through the fruits and nuts section of my stash.

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