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Former employees of ArmorGroup, the private security company that holds a State Department contract to protect the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, unveiled new allegations against the besieged contractor a week after photographic evidence emerged of its guards engaged in physical and sexual harassment. In a press conference revolving around an unlawful-termination lawsuit filed against ArmorGroup, former senior company officials said ArmorGroup was aware of widespread fraud; intentional use of non-English speaking guards to save money at the expense of embassy security; operations of a shell corporation in order to win contracts intended only for American companies; and even involvement in prostitution — and that the State Department knew about at least some of the company’s illicit practices.
[ cf Whistleblowers Unveil More ArmorGroup Allegations ]
Well, there you go, some folks just do not understand what a Time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU are really all about.

In Happier news:
Last year, as Dr. Steven Miles, professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and faculty member of its Center for Bioethics, was researching the deaths of detainees in U.S. custody, he noticed something strange. Although the Department of Defense had in the past issued press releases when detainees died at U.S.-run prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, at some point in 2006, he says, the “entire prisoner death reporting system was turned off in Afghanistan.” Although at that time deaths in Iraq were still being reported, he says, that system was “turned off” at the beginning of 2008.
[ cf Defense Department Conceals Data on Detainee Deaths ]
Now remind me again, where in the US Constitution does it say that the government has to keep track of the number of deaths of Zombies, Alien Reptile People, and persons who might have been innocent, is anywhere required. Do we really need to know how many people accidentally were shown not to be zombies but only when they were accidentally pre-post-mortemed?

oh dear, this is going to bend some brains When Ronald Reagan Failed Nuclear Strategy 101 - what if that is all a part of the dark unspoken psycho fiasco of the post-80's cultural malaise? That we danced into the 90's still talking about the new day in america, and for so many geeks, the new internet information revolution, that would lead to a relationship revolution.

Who is next on the Glen Beck hit list? Glenn Beck’s Newest Victim: Yosi Sergant Steps Down at NEA and should the whities worry about this?

Is Komrade Party Leader Joe Wilson really the great military war hero who has slain the space alien reptile people whom the obamanites have outsourced the job of pushing granny under the flying saucer? FreedomWorks Head Dick Armey Sympathizes With Heckler Rep. Wilson - or, uh, do we believe the Kommunist Dominated Liberal media that says that he apologized, which is like being a GirlieMan about the fact that he did not bring an automatic weapon in and brandish it in the face of the uppity one to show that real men are not afraid of defeating RED Socialist WhatEver!

In the majik moment land
Special Bonus Freak Out Update: On any other day it might have been a bigger story. But Rep. Wilson's outburst has overshadowed Rep. Shimkus's decision to walk out on Obama's speech because Obama hadn't sufficiently bent to the will of townhall tea-baggers.
[ cf Old Yeller ]
well there goes the conspiracy theory. Since clearly to have one upstage the other merely indicates an unwillingness to get organized about which way to be a girlieMan about not brandishing an automatic weapon in the UppityOne's face...

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