drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

I am the peace in the room.

Yes, that is my meditation for the day:
I am the peace in the room.
As too many of my friends know, in my dark hearted spot I can not escape the reality that I remain
I am the weapon in the room.
because, well, that is merely a matter of ontology. But without an end, it is but a clanging gong.

So what I want to focus on is the teleology, the point of the game as it were.

That is when I opted to reconsider, and reframe the discussion. As long as I breath, there is still hope that someone is INSANE enough to keep fighting for Peace. Rather than merely fighting to keep on fighting, because they have no other purpose in life than to just keep on keeping on, and all they can keep on keeping on, is keep on following the band around and bombing whom ever it is in the area.

Now mind you, if your choice of Weapons is a Bong, and the Band is the dead, Bomb ON dude.

But in this age of gun brandishers, it may help for more of us who have signed off on the 'use of terminal force' paperwork with a requisite card carrying professional killing association, that we are professional killers. We do not do this as some sort of psycho-sexual sublimation. We do it with the clear and compelling understanding that it is an obligation of the contract, and that it is done with the actual intention of securing the peace.

What the Peace Freaks do with the peace, well, that is a tale for another time.

For the moment,
I am the peace in the room.
Tags: memewar

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