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links for 2009.09.10

Boulder Set to Launch ‘Radical’ Smart Grid Technology - either this is a positive go forward geek moment, or it explains where the brains went in He Tried to Warn Us! since clearly Rep. Joe Wilson Unearths Secret Plot to Provide Illegal Immigrants with Free Health Care - or is Komrade Party Leader Joe Wilson one of those guys who hates the Hypocratic Oath, cause it's an illegal immigrant thing them ferrigners does? ( a scary analysis of Komrade Party Leader Joe's possible paranoia points A Victim Of His Own Paranoia - which does raise the question of why folks are not getting the sort of mental health care that they need? )
Rep. Joe Wilson's 2010 opponent has received more than $100,000 in contributions overnight.
[ citing One Man's Hissy Fit Is Another Man's Cash Cow ]
There is a great line from another report As a society, we police reprehensible conduct by imposing steep social costs. which is an idea worth thinking about in terms of social intelligence. Tragically both ways - when being honest IS the reprehensible social behavior. Also In the dialog, Librulz where we learn that the Obamanites may have done the nasty of abandoning Bi-PartisanShip because of the issues of GOP behavior. But GOSH, that would mean that the Alien Reptile Creatures were actually Mind Controlling Komrade Party Leader Joe's reaction, just to get more americans on the wrong agenda!

This should drive some crazy Obama Promises Tort Reform - since I am still not sure how we define junk lawsuits? Are they like the medical insurance programme of opting folks out of the care they need? Or what?

A nice enough write up on the obama speach Obama’s Health Care Speech: A Report Card it is probably a good idea to write up one's position before stumbling into the punditocracy.

Would this be a bad time, in the health defense discourse, to talk about Wall Street Is Gambling on How Soon Old People Will Die - It sounds too gruesome to be true, but the bankers have already shaken the silver out of everything that had value in America -- except for the elderly. Since, well, maybe it would be more profitable to buy granny's insurance, for pennies on the dollar, and then push her under the flying saucer, but make sure that the government covers the cost of the push, and not the part where we pull her fiscal assets.

Liberal Media Hops In Bed With Radical Left Wing Extremists, and their Musical Interlude: We Can't Afford to Wait: MoveOn and R.E.M. Team Up for Health Care Refor - just more R.E.M. with MoveOn Propaganda about how some americans, 83% want a public option, because they can not wait. I mean get real, should we allow a simple majority to over rule the 17% who are valiantly fighting against the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers?

Will there be a Greater Recession Mentality to follow the majik of The Recession Mentality. The freakonomic folks note “tend to believe that success in life depends more on luck than on effort, support more government redistribution, but are less confident in public institutions.” as the salient feature. Will that be greater in the current form? Or will we learn that some deeper recession model develops?

Another proof why changing the social norms may be more important: Why Have Smoking Bans Caught On So Easily? Not all received wisdom worked, nor was it ever as supported as the punditocracy advocated. Why what if we took that model to work on the public option? And then looked at how to change the social norms for a more human and american america.

Did You Wonder Why 'Lord' Boustany Gave The Republican Rebuttal? Maybe Because He's Been Sued For Malpractice So Many Times. What if tort reform is not going to cure bad medicine?

WorldNetDaily, the RNC, and the mainstreaming of extremist ideas more of the same from Neiwert, but let us be honest, how many americans were proud that the GOP opted out of showing up with all of their Assault Rifles to show that Uppity One they were not afraid any more of the scary Alien Reptile People! In related optimism, h/t to tpm, Are the Days of Drudge Over? - more importantly will that lead to a factualista revival in journalistic like related activities?

Wasn't it Dear Old Dick, who taught us, that reagan taught us that deficits do not matter? Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems' Health-Care Bill So uh, should we care?

Is the RNC cyber sqautting it's own rebuttals? GOP At Cutting Edge of Reform there is both a healthcare.gop.gov - and the healthcare.gop.com from 2004...

American Colleges What if the major fail is that they have opted out of trying to get students to graduate - and thus are there only to be a baby sitting service till they are older.

Seize Them where Sadly No! gives us the insight into “Professor Wronghair” Stunning Analysis of how the liberal media is still covering up the Van Jones CRISIS because, well the guy stood down from the government job, and is now destroying freedom with the Alien Reptile People, or something like that. ( they also try to explain the whole Van Jones crisis framework. )

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