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But back in reality land...

Just a year ago, the theory that poor and minority borrowers were to blame for the housing crisis took hold with a vengeance, and so did the belief that the government forced lenders to make subprime mortgages to meet affordable housing goals. The view took on greater prominence in the heat of a presidential campaign, and an obscure anti-redlining law known as the Community Reinvestment Act became a scapegoat for subprime lending and the collapse of the mortgage market.

Things have changed quite a bit since then, as the spotlight has shifted to lenders and their behavior during the boom. States and cities continue to aggressively pursue subprime lending discrimination suits, and judges across the country are signaling a willingness to move forward with some cases.

[ cf Class Action Suit Accuses Wells Fargo of Discrimination by Neighborhood ]
But if they get convictions in courts of laws that the lenders were not lending inside the DarkieZones, then how is it that the darkies is the ones what caused the economic melt down?
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