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UPDATE at end - premature save.

Oh dear, should someone have complained in public about the BofA crisis? Bank Firing of Counsel Is Examined This does raise the question of when keeping quiet, for reasons of ethics, is a compromise of integrity. Should the government have stepped in, and obliged BofA to be honest with it's share holders? Or is that too, just more of the same Red Socialist Banking that we have all come to expect of left wingers like Dubya and Friends.

NATO in Afghanistan? NATO chief defends 'progress' as criticism mounts GOSH, where are the PsuedoNationalist and their warnings about the horror of the BlueHelmettedOneWorlderDefeatistKapitulationistKutUndtRunners who are stabbing our troops in the back with their ferrign devilIsms?

Military Judges siding with persons who were not proven to be virgins? Jawad Case Supports Argument for Broader Investigation Should americans really be concerned about torture? war crimes? that liberal nuremberg stuff? Besides, the military courts were only able to establish that the accused was not convictable of the charges of being a part of an armed organization that opposed the Moral Purity Of Great Leader! It did not prove that he was a virgin, and of course, with out that proof, clearly one must be an IranqIstanian Flying Saucer Pilot on Orders from the Obamanite Death Panels to Crush Granny!!!!

Will the circle be unbroken:
. The CEO’s defense: “We’re not safety experts. We clearly need to depend on the federal government.”
[ cf Five Years After Hurricane Rita Disaster, Bus Company Gets ‘Tea Party’ Contract ]
But wasn't the point of privatizing that the private sector was religiously always better than anything the government could do? And that maximizing profits is what the Government has always been about?

Ah yes, a great insight “Blessed Are the Stiff” — Why Yoga is Not About the Poses - ah yes, now that is Fab! The point is not to be trendy, but to be integrated, mind, body and soul.

Why the public option matters - just so we are clear. IF one can make an argument that the government has an obligation to it's citizens to provide a public option for war, thus crushing the Private War Insurance Industry, one has argued for the National Health Defense Insurance Program. And yes, that does lead to the conclusion that you can Oppose the NHDIP when you are ready to come out openly opposing the Troops.

Because some times you can never be TOO HIGH! Glenn Beck's scary negro militants turn out to be really, really scary dancers - it is amusing that Neiwert references the sin of Ham, but by picking a wiki article about the LDS and blacks, he avoids the reality that this was all part and parcel of mainstream churches in america. The core theology which previously had NOT been extremist, as in the current christian identity, but the stuff of the average run of the mill southern baptist church. When you remember that part, you can also empathise with how alienated folks near christian identity and the like must feel when the southern baptists dropped that piece of biblical literalism as an excuse for so much racialist hatred. In that context the southern baptists were drifting to the radical left wing, that, uh, well, after we put that Papist in the White House, it was OK to put a divorcee, and now an uppity one! Where will it all end? Electing Dogs and Cats to the White House? Forcing our troops to take orders from Alien Reptile People?
Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer, who played a key role mobilizing hysteria about the president's first day of school speech, explains why the advance-release text of the president's actual speech turns out to be so mainstream and unexceptional: Obama scrapped the indoctrination speech after Greer and Co. raised the alarm.
[ citing Post Wingnut Ergo Propter Wingnut ]
Thus proving that Obamanites are the Alien Reptile People who push granny under the flying saucer for the big bucks to be made in the intergalaxtic space cat chow industry! Which the government should never interfere with because only the Free Market can decide what price Granny should sell for as a delicacy!

Will the 9/12 save us from THEM? 9/12 offers some insight into the glenn beck media event. It will be interesting to see how these anti-government types deal with the whole horror that Evil Liberal Government has nationalized WarStuff, thus preventing them from getting Private War Insurance. Or will they just skip over the part about supporting the president to support the troops, since media events are the height of PostSurrealist Performance Art!

In case you we missed the problem: Insurer-Assisted Suicide in which dday puts rescission back into context.

Read Every Third Word and Rearrange The Letters And You'll See It, Man - like do we need to say any more about the threat of Beatle Based Communism?

The Anguish of Brad DeLong in which he tries to deal with what happened to the rational pragmatist approach to it all...

Oh dear, this is scary: The difference between "legal" and "illegal" - I mean what next? some sort of state sponsored notion that true and false are DIFFERENT? Where will this sort of RED Socialist Factualism end?
The only way to get Jews to vote Republican is to move them out of big cities, if you know what I mean.
[ shorter Sprechen Sie Sprachregelung? ]
Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean!

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Brags That Bush DOJ Wasn’t Corrupt Enough For Him - because a political analysis with AC/DC music, uh, is an obligation of the new world!

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