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a going forward thot...

I am drieux, and I am here to recruit you. Thank you Harvey Milk for making my america bigger, differentiated and integrated!
I will be going into more detail on this over the cycles - I blame s9 for the basic frame work - since He pointed out two critical lines that Harvey Milk drew:
  • A line against assimilation.
  • A line against segregation.
leaving only the opportunity that lies beyond the realm of bland syncretism ( cf Thomas Merton, and his quote about not merely refuting every shade of protestantism ) where the only remaining opportunity is that we live with whom we are, as we are.

In these fun times, as some are trying to recover their misplaced mythological monoculture, there are still the same problems that existed the last time that MonoCultures were so hip. Which one will it be? Will it be the monoculture of those of us who served in the american armed forces abroad? Or the monoculture of the 4f draft dodgers who worship those who served in the armed forces with the full idolatry of anyone caught in the light of day laying fresh meat upon Moloch!

So yes, please find me that happy melting pot assimilation with all of it's bland syncretism, that allows one the mental power to hold opposite thots as if they were one and the same and both equal. Please, give me that madness, poured out upon the ground from the vials of the seer of Patmos, since clearly we have to have that melting pot motif, where true and false are all the same.

Or maybe not.

Maybe the ability to differentiate and integrate allows us to be proud of our being, proud of our place, and as committed to commonly shared goals, and far more frightening revelations. Once upon a time I had argued with tante cory, and her position to not support the armed dutch Resistance to the occupying powers. Those lawfully placed military forces from Germany, which were allowed to bring the peace and freedom, and access to the true Global Economy, that the portion of the Dutch Government that had not run off to London allowed them under the surrender agreement. And heaven only knows, that one must support the occupying powers.

That was until this evening, when it became unpleasantly clear to me, that some will have to take on the far more difficult task of collecting up, and keeping in safe places, those parts of our civilization and culture, which we will want to bring out, with the good china and crystal, after the war, after the occupation, when we can all speak about a return to normalcy.

But those folks will have to live in their world apart. They will have to be protected from being known by those who have opted to take up arms against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Since we will not wish to compromise each others mission. One of those ugly points that the play pretends of the Patriot Militia, and the Gun Brandishing gunNuts have never paused to think about. What is the point of brandishing your guns, if you haven't thot about the logistics of the campaign, and this the far more unpleasant set of thots.

What will be the culture and civilization that will rise up out of the ashes.

An Arayan Nation with Obama as it's Figure Head?

Or an American Nation with Obama merely as the elected presidential officer of the nation state.

Where will we be when they feel that it is safe enough again to bring out the crystal, and the china, and we can finally break out the proper scotch.

Or should we be working harder now, so that we do not have to live in a land of buried weapons caches hiding from the bunkering of civilization. What if we have to find a way that will make it OK for the GunBrandishers to live with the fact that maybe a gun is not worth the trouble, if it is not the solution that is needed! What if it is ok to allow political dissent, since, yes, after how many years of IronFistedly supporting the Clear Imperative of Blind Loyalty, the opposition rose to power, and heaven forbid, all of those condemnations of the opposition come back to roost.

Ah yes... what will it all be like, when finally it will be ok to allow the children to be just children, and give them the chance to embrace their social and emotional intelligence, and not need to case them in steel for the days after the armed liberation.

What if we can find a way home to our America.

A land from sea to shining sea. Not merely our coloured states...

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