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links for 2009.09.03

Third Nationally-Recognized Pastor Declares Anti-Obama Death-Prayer - hum, how long until our taliban want to not only kick the butt of our godless secularist liberals to end a Free Republic in the USofA, but opt in to help the Iranians stop their godless secularist liberals.

Beck's Visual Analysis - points to the unfortunately obvious - namely that there is the non-rational part of the associative process. The added fun is beck is in bed with thatGerman, about how the liberal left uses degenerate art to signal things. Ah yes, embracing your enemy. But will Beck send flowers and call him in the morning?

And why is it on the bad word list in the first place? Do You Use the Dirty C*** Word? - 'The most taboo term in the English language'. What's its power? offers an interesting perspective on the power that we give to words. And in Particular to THAT word.
( and here I always thot it meant CivilianUnderNavalTraining. I mean, how was I suppose to Know? )
[ sub text de jure: House Foreign Affairs Chairman: It Was a Coup in Honduras where they use tthe phrase: ... and blasted use of the c-word as “political rhetoric.” ]

Show of hands boys and NonPerKin, how many of you remember the importance the Obama Team had about winning in IranqIstania, which was why, after winning on the Ground In Afghanistan after the total mission accomplished of defeating the Taliban, that they shifted the troops to IranqIstania. Oh you have that evil liberal media agenda that it was some guy named Dubya that wandered american mercs thorugh afghanistan as a basis for no bid contracts to transfer tax payer dollars to investors. Well, gosh, clearly you are wrong: Obama Is Leading the U.S. Into a Hellish Quagmire - since, uh, how again did obama get the first contractor's in company? And is the current growing funglefest there merely the way that we fund more contractors? So shouldn't that article be about the failure of the Obama administration to put forward an agenda on how to transfer tax payer dollars to the investing class? { I mean, how can we get afghanistan syndrome? we are still helping the welfare queens in the DOD maintain their red socialism? }

Wingnuts Are In Full Bloom. Obama Speaking to Schoolchildren Is Really 'Recruiting for Hitler Youth.' Yes, Obama is the new Head of the Aryan Nation. BlargalGargle? But if that is true, and, as we learn in A Little Slice Of Turkey - Pat Buchanan has gone ahead and apologized for Hitler, - doesn't that mean that Buchanan is apologizing for Obama???
( remeind me again why the transitive law is not as legalizable in postModernPostSurrealism, as it was in the time of DingelDarg? )

On the fun side 100 Events in Twentieth Century World History Berkeley Undergraduates Really Should Know... - but I think we all agree, getting bogged down in mere factualism is not constructive.

Liberals getting crazy! Raising the spectrum of FDR - Status Quo? Hell No! - it is as if they think that FDR was a good guy.

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