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links for 2009.09.02

The Frightening Mind of the WaPo’s Richard Cohen - oh dear, the WaPo Crew is still not sure if time lines are linear and progressing, or can they just believe that if they torture someone today, it will prevent the scary things that did not happen yesterday.... Yes FreakShow, there is a Virginia, somewhere over the rainbow, and she is clicking her little ruby slippers together, so that she can safely arrive as Annie Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We had to torture them to today, it was only a dream away... Keep Singing It Kids or Tinker Belle Will DIE!

In 2nd Death-Prayer Sermon, Pastor Declares "Somebody Should Abort Obama!" - uh, if Obama doesn't die, does that mean that god does not answer prayer? Or that god is still not able to make a tripod with eight legs. Worse yet, should there be a national law against invoking one's skyGod to crush the head of state? You know, as if it were just like any other form of death threat! Since either the folks praying beleive they are invoking a threat of death, or, uh, they do not believe in prayer as an actual means to invoke the threat - and thus are merely openly dog whispering a mere mortal threat in the land of felony.

The Wing-Nut Code: What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Really Saying to Their Followers - in case you have not been keeping track of the dog whispering games.

American As Apple Pie where we learn Turns out teabaggers have always been teabaggers: - and yes kids, you NEED to know about Father Charles Coughlin whom many consider the father of hate radio... ( it is funny that at the time the KKK was still Anti-Papist... ah yes, those halcyon days... ) ( HOLY MexiKanukiStanianistaIsm! I thot he had always been an american, and not some godless Kanuk, sent to destroy white christian america. wow, learn something newer every day. )

Now this is tasty - No Jews Need Apply... - it seems that bucky's NR drifted from being papist conservative, to being in a place where they need the next editor to be other than a believing Christian. He agreed and added that the next editor should not be a Canadian - wow... who would have thunkelated that... Could that explain why the NRO threw out HanoiAnnie Coulter? Because she was latently, well, MexiKanukistanian?

Hoffer Hears A Heil - wow, stunning. It is a true freak show to mix a Dr. Seussita and Eric Hoffer's The True Believer all into one scary space - and at Sadly No, no less. The scary part is True Believer Syndrome was originally coined to deal with psychic phenomenon - and it may, well, uh, have an importance in the political space, if we include praying for the president's death as a possible psychic phenom...

The real unpleasantry here is that the evil liberals use to hate the so called fascists. I say so called because what they really talked about were the 'totalitarian traits' - but never really worked out how to deal with their own internal epistemological problems - that would leave them open to the sorts of counter attackes from what had been the reasonable right. Ah yes, if only we can return to that debating ground. It could happen.

Oh dear, not again - Mercs Gone Wild at U.S. Embassy Kabul (Updated) - oh dear, the photo in there is scary, as it looks, uh, well, uh, like photo's that were once not taken at those sorts of social gatherings, because most of the folks were, Total Quality Misssion, uh, committed, uh, to the mission of PARTYING! But that might have been unfortunately influenced back in the day by the welfare state nature of members of the armed forces, unlike todays PayForPlayPersonnel in the freeMarket of war like related activities.

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