drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Super Sekret Military Intelligence Victory!!!

What The Evil Liberal Media Reported:
At a U.N. hearing Monday, the U.S. government admitted it made mistakes in the treatment of prisoners in the war against terror, but said it has taken measures to prevent abuse. A team of 25 senior officials defended Washington's treatment of detainees before the U.N. Committee Against Torture in Geneva.

In this second appearance before the U.N. Committee Against Torture, the senior officials answered a number of questions about Washington's alleged use of torture, about U.S. detainee operations in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq and about the treatment of terror suspects.

[ cf VOA: United States Admits Mistakes In War On Terror ]
But what of course the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up is the fact that these DEFEATIST APPEASERS have been unmasked, and will no longer be a Threat To America!!! The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! And The Most Glorious Of ALL GloriousNeffs!!

Hopefully NEVER AGAIN will americans be threatened By GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS who so violently and openly oppose the Great Leader to offer the enemy such anti-state terrorism...
In an effort to silence critics of U.S. interrogation methods, Bellinger said the United States believes everyone is entitled to humane treatment. He said freedom from torture is an inalienable right.
[ op cit ]

Why not just show your Al Qaeda Union Card there Komrade IslamoZionistPappistBolshivikiBankingKonspirator "Bellinger"; if that is EVEN anything like your real name!!!!

Then as a Further Unmasking we have the EVIL DOER
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Charles Stimson responded that "water boarding" is specifically prohibited in the revised version of the Army field manual. He said the U.S. government is carefully monitoring its detention operations to prevent any recurrence of the Abu Ghraib abuses.
[ op cit ]
Right, yeah, uh huh, as IF we are suppose to believe that some DASD would actually ATTACK THE PRESIDENT, THE WAR PRESIDENT! by opposing the President with Such Terroristical Language as to suggest in any way that America Opposes the Use of what ever means the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! wants to use to WIN WOW NOW!!!

Obviously the Great Leader Has Been GREAT In his Leadership and Unmasked these Puppets of the Vile Porter Goss Konspirakii to Engage In Anti-State Terrorism by Means Of Double Plus Ungood MalThot!!!

All Hail The Great Leader!!! For Being Great!!!
In The Lead!!!
And An ER!!!

Only OUR War President Could Be So Great!!!!

So let all True Patriotic Americans Chant
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!
Then You Must AcquitEE!!!!
Or the Evil Underlings of the Evil Porter Goss Konspirakii would strike Against Us with their Evil Iranian Flying Saucers In Their Evil Whiley Wanton Womanly Ways!!!!

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