drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

My Lunching With BillBill

Yesterday I had a charming time doing lunch with billbill, and the topic is tech, it is geek, it is about the complex banality of 'java persistence API' as a way to discuss the fact that the span of Persistence API's is, well, not that interesting.

What made it fun was that we arrived at some point in the over all geeking when we hit one of those points that had once been a holy and religious dogma - and noticed that there were two generalized realistic ways to 'solvolate it' but, unfortunately, there is no gooder way to know which is the course that one should take in the matter. So I of course opted for the OneTrueWay -
at which point the negotiation broke down as we were not too sure how to quantize the financialization of the point, and hence how to clearly mandate which was the TrueWillOfTheTrueGodOfPatiotism...

Those things happen.

What i find interesting is a sidebar I just wrote up ( Re: what if they are looking at bigger contexts? ) since that is also in this space. How do we arrive at negotiated solutions, without giving up our true self, and becoming the scary nightmare of the soulless, heartless, merely intellectualising, financializing, zombie Enronite!

Or which ever scary compromising defeatist cut and runner one wants to be afraid of in the dark.

In like manner it really seems a good enough manifestation of the argument from divine comedy that I wound up watching Hook (the film) after chatting with the mother of my children about my son graduating from boot camp, meaning he will be here soon, going to the DLI, and we will have a chance to look at what dialogs we could have, should have had, had I been able to be a reasonable person while he was growing up with his mother.
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