drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Obamanite Genocidal Agenda Unmasked!

Those wacky wingnuts and their zany conspiracy theories are just getting started. Next up: Obama's planned genocide

Wow... Just think of it as a way to increase employment....

( we did try to warn you folks about the horror of obama pushing granny under the flying saucer, as the start of the whole intergalaxtic catchow konspirakii... but NOOOOO that did not make it's own social convention industry... which worries me, is that really what drives the american economy? Wacko Zanny Konspirakii Theoriests, one days giving you the post-mortem on Java, the next the genocial wars of the Obamanites on behalf of their Zyklon overlords! )
Tags: konspirakii

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