drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Converting The Prayer Warriors to activists

A curious personal observation: I’m getting more crazy hate mail than I have in years, maybe since 2004. But this time the character of the hate mail has changed.

Back then I was a traitor for questioning Dear Leader’s motives in invading Iraq. These days, I’m a socialist piece of, um, stuff because I assert that we might have something to learn from the Swiss health care system, or that debt projections aren’t quite as awful as you may have heard.

It’s not too hard to understand. Presumably it’s coming from talk radio; I assume the ranters are furious with anyone who questions their vision of Obamanite tyranny. Still, it’s odd to get such violent reactions to what are basically dry, wonkish columns.

[ citing Summer Of Hate ]
Wow, it is so comical that we have folks who's total loyalty to the TruWarPrezNit is so ongoing, that they are still committed to the fact free way of life.

But what wonders me, is what will it take to convert the mere Prayer Warriors spamming the Unbelievers from their Prayer Closets, into the Weapons Of GOD who will answer the Calls to PURGE and CLEANSE with fire!
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