drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberal Media Covering Up TRUE holy warriors?

The Men Who Start At Goats is getting dangerous viral marketting while CNN: Secret Service Interviewed Pastor Who Prays For Obama's Death.

Makes one wonder which side the Obamanites are with regards to Prayer Warriors! ( Just google it, if you do not know Prayer Warriors. )

UPDATE: he Strangely Powerful Placebo offers us the majikal moment:
It’s got the pharmaceutical industry worried enough to fund a major study to identify the factors in rising placebo potency. Drug companies could be victims of their own success in this instance: we’ve become so convinced of the power of modern medicine, it works even when we’re off the pill.
What if the PhramKom were to admit to using Holy Prayer Warriors? and that
Germ Theory is JUST a Theory!
Tags: memewar, religion
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