drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Over It Dudes!

I don't mean to crank too HARD on tongodeon, but his thread no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause only makes sense if:
  • He Hates America and believes that the Ammendments To The Constitution Are Relevant, and not merely the dogma of the Evolutionists who are unwilling to accept that the Constitution IS the One True And Holy Writ passed down by the Founding Fathers and Existing Solely In A Cosmic Moment beyond the reach of Mere Moratals!!!

  • He Hates America because he thinks that by keeping 'legal searches' as a part of the process, that this will keep those High Paying Jobs Manufacturing of Evidence here in the Good Old USofA rather than exproting them overseas right behind the Information Extraction and Manufcaturing Consent Jobs!

  • As Some Confused Liberal He thinks that it is OK to Oppose the Divine Will Of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! and his personal choice to head up the remenants of the CIA for as long as the pretense of having 'Intelligencee' is required to fool the people into believing in Intelligence Products as something distinct from the Divine Will OF the Divine Decider who has decided upon the Greatest Decider EVER!!!
I mean why can't these people Support the President To Support the Troops?

Clearly IF the Divine Will had meant that the Bill of Rights were Actually a part of the Constitution, then people who take the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Ammendments as a relevant parrt of the US Constitution. But that is like So Pre-911!!!

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