drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Obamanites Continue Repression of 1st Ammendment Rights

Pentagon Reporter-Screening Crisis Deepens OH Mien GOTT IM HIMMEL!

The stars and strips is leaking data about the Pentagon's RED Socialist WarFightingThingiePooh policy of supporting only the correct welfare statist model of transferring tax dollars to the correct players!!!

Glenn Beck Does Rush was correct that Obamanites have been crushing america for a long time now, and the evil Obamanites did not stop the practice back in October, presumably of 2008, when the Obamanites were put on notice that they were stabbing the troops in the back by not supporting the troops and the troops newspaper!!!

All of of which PROOVES that obamanites are pushing granny under the flying saucer, and that true americans should not allow the regime to track them by voter registration roles, and they should move to their Anti-Alien-Space-Creature defense positions, because Cylon's Don't Surf, DUDE I repeat, Cylon's Don't Surf, DUDE.

In related news, "John has a long moustache..."


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