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Get Your Crazy ON!

Glenn Beck on Rush Limbaugh's show : Obama will seize power.

UPDATE: Right-Wing Fearfest: Beck says 'free speech is under attack,' then Limbaugh tells him Obama brings 'totalitarianism' ( david neiwert's take on the show )

My friend craig did the digg on that one. It seems
I don't know if you can read this, but Glenn Beck yesterday on Limbaugh's show, pretty much assumes that Obama will declare Martial Law.

"If you want to have three children, there's no right in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence if the government says there's only two children."

( Craig Martin Stellmacher on face book )
not yet sure how to do the url for facebook folks yet.

What is interesting is that they do not seem to understand that there is no new majikal power that has been added to the obamanite that was not already there in the dubya administration. So the first logical question is
Why do they hate the patriot act?
and the rest of the dialog that became part and parcel of the MajikalPowers Act that gave us the unitary executive?

Rather than running a 'black flag' ops that glenn beck is an Obamanite, why not work with these people to help them cope with their hatred of dubya, and the fact that they have been for all of these years, secretly a minority special interest group that hated the mythological america that never existed?

And that hating things that do not exist is not really a bad thing. It can actually start defining the difference between the real world, that actually exists, and mythological realms that they should leave in the hands of the Elder Dan.
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