drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Shrill One Admits to being out of Shrill

All out of shrill

For some strange reason he is unable to understand people who are just starting to notice that the HORROR of the Obamanite Push Granny Under The Flying Saucers, because the Obamanites in 2007 were a part of the Godless Unbeleivers, and thus are all living on the blood of white christian american teenage virgin cheer leaders, but not like the cute vampire shows.

It's as if he thinks folks would have seen all of these horrors of Obamanation from back in 2000, but Obama wasn't even the head of Satanism Inc. back then. I mean, what's with that?

Clearly this is what happens when dupes of the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media are unwilling to work for Fox News unmasking the Space Alien Konspirakii! And that
Cylon's don't surf, Dude.
just like it says in the bible!

{ why oh why hasn't Fox picked me up to be leader of the Pack? I can even make O'Reilly look mainstream! }
Tags: konspirakii

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