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Iran Opens Door To New Nuclear Offer

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, has written to his American counterpart, George Bush, offering "new solutions" to the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme.

The letter is the first such contact since the Islamic revolution in the country in 1979. The US broke off all diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980.

The surprise offer comes in advance of talks in New York today about defusing the nuclear crisis, at which Margaret Beckett will make her first appearance on the international stage as British foreign secretary.

[ cf Guardian: Iran breaks silence with US to offer nuclear 'solutions' ]
Clearly ALL americans can see that the Glorious Military Leader! The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! Has once again Produced a stunning Military Victory over the Iranians!!!

But now more than ever we should not allow the Evil Iranian Flying Saucers to Prevent Our Glorious, and Historical,
simple because those EVIL Kapitulationist Appeasers Iran are unwilling to do their part and maintain the raison d' etre for the American Doctrine!!!

Clearly NOW more than ever all americans Must Chant:
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
Then You Must Acquite!!!!
and We Must PreEmptiveLyRetaliatoriallyNuclearialryFirstStrikeIlly Prevevent Those Iranian Flying Saucers!!! from ever coming back as they did on 09/11/2001!!!! No Matter What those Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies the Iranians do!!!


Especially in a Time of Tax Transferance Unto The Unborn!!!!

Think Of The Unborn!!!!

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