drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberal Media Continues Assault On America!!!

The abrupt resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss raises disturbing questions about the U.S. flagship intelligence agency's health, amid growing concerns about a nuclear Iran, turmoil in Iraq and the al Qaeda threat.

More than four years after the September 11 attacks, critics of the Bush administration, including Democrats in Congress, also warned that problems at the CIA had parallels elsewhere in the 16-agency U.S. intelligence community including at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Goss' departure capped months of unhappiness over his leadership of the CIA and efforts to rebuild the agency's key clandestine and analytical operations for the war on terrorism, analysts and former intelligence officers said.

[ cf Reuters: CIA health questioned as Goss quits ]
I mean how STONED were these Guys.

Just because some CIA analyst questions Rumsfeld interpretation of what Rumsfeld thought he had meant to say at the start of the "restore the wetlands in Iraq" nation building project! Does not mean that there are any questions anywhere about how Successful the American Intelligence Community has been under the new and improved New Intelligence Direction process by which the Intelligence that is needed is manufactured in cheaper off shore Consensus Factories where the labor costs are lower, and the workers are all happy to have a job.

So Who DOOO these evil liberals think they are fooling! The CIA is so last Millenium!!! All The Intelligence that the President Needs he gets, because he is the Decider, and knows how to decide things! And none of that needs to be bogged down with irrelevant outside fact thingies, because the president is Truthier Than Thou!!! So all Americans have to do is keep on chanting the holy Mantra
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
Then You MUST Acquite!!!!
And those Nasty Questions about where the Iranian Flying Saucers really are at any given moment will not be a bother, because they will nevere again threaten our american way of life!!!!

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