drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Psuedo Cons Stabbing WarPresident In Back

Right-Wing Militias Are Resurging -- Will They Produce More Terrorists Like Timothy McVeigh? - After a decade out of the spotlight, the militant rightwing “Patriot” movement is on the rise.

The more important question is if this is proof positive that the PsuedoCons, and their NeoConClownCarCrew, Friends are openly stabbing their religious belief in the Majikal Powers Act, and the divinity of dubya in the back! Since that would sorta mean that they sorta accept that Obama is the actual president and commander in chief of the american armed forces, and all of their mercenary forces, auxilaries and satraps!

That is a crucial step forward.

You see the Militia Movement sank under the irrational belief that Dubya was forever. That and their own internal wingNuttery problems.

So the fact that they are reforming, means, that they may have opted to accept that the 22nd Ammendment was legally lawful. Which is a great step forward. And clearly better than the myth that Dubya is secretly running Things From Skulletor Moutain. Which is better than the scarier thot that he merely abandoned the american armed forces overseas and ran away in the first Palinista refusal to fulfill their obligation... Which in the case of the divinely appointed decider would be to decide for god until taken up to heaven....

So there may well be a silver lining in the rise of the radical militias.

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