drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Socialist Socializing Of Socialism

Officials: Obama to tap FBI to interrogate terrorists So the idea of adopting RED Socialist LawEnforcement to take over a portion of the RED Socialist WarFightingStuff from that segment of the RED Socialist StateSecurityApparatus, is really doing little more than changing the deckchairs on the HMS TitanicOfRedCommunistSocialism!

Clearly americans need to be MORE PANICKED by the horrors of RED Socialist Socialism, than any other form of RED Socialist ScaryStuff! Since this is all a part of the evil liberal media's plot to hide the fact that the Obamanite are Pushing Granny under the Flying Saucer for the InterGalaxtic Space CatFook Kabal!!!

got RED Socialist LiberalMediaKonspirakiiTheory?
Tags: konspirakii

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