drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ZombieLand is not just a Movie, it's a way of life

Krugman: The Public Option and Why the Reagan Zombies Don’t Die hum...

But will the legal fight over 'Skank' blogger talks, sues Google for $15m be able to take up the slack in the daily news cycle about trendy psuedoEvents that are clearly more important than wondering why it is that the representative hates his district so much that he is not willing to support the folks who voted him into office, say as in Jim Cooper: 16% Approval On Health Care Among Democrats

Or is this the part of the discussion where we need to address the coup of 2012, and why we must protect democracy from the threat of the people!

Now more than ever do americans want to stop the Zombies that the Obamanites have brought up from the grave with their voodoo witch doctoring of pushing granny under the flying saucer for the intergalaxtic cat chow industry!

{ the interesting thot experiment is based upon the psuedoEvent construct, what are they, what causes them, and do they really work better as an alternative to ration thot of any form? }
Tags: konspirakii, memewar

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