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Why DO these Freaks HATE AMERICA? (p2)

A delegation of American officials came before a United Nations panel on torture today to account for the conduct of the United States in the fight against terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001.

The American officials, who were part of an unusually large group sent to deliver a report on the country's compliance with the Convention Against Torture, offered a careful and familiar set of responses to questions that the panel posed.

Despite abuses in places like the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, the American officials denied that the government systematically mistreated prisoners and they reiterated a commitment to a global ban on torture.

[ cf AmPravda: U.S. Explains Itself to U.N. on Torture Charges ]
What is there to Explain?

The President Of The United States Of America is clear - he reserves the right not to be bound by the McCain Ammendment, and therefore does not feel constrained by any of these God Hating America Bashers who Oppose the President's Right to torture anyone, anywhere, for any reason the president feels is a good enough excuse!!!

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