drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Do It To Spread Capitale Gaines Taxes!

Why Do Women Orgasm? - Scientists are still mystified about the evolutionary advantages of many aspects of women's sexuality.

To Annoy sweet, innocent, naive young men who were studying diligently in the library, minding their own business in the struggle against communism and gay marriages.

It is a bit of an interesting discussion point, since we would need to work out if this mad better sense under the evolutionary path of a genial gene model, or the more traditional CombatCompetitiveNeff, and hence it is all a part of the typical female deceptiveness that they bring to the Hard Battling For Survival that is sexual congress, or I guess we should say Sexual Great Leader On The Big White Charger following the correct implementation of the Unitary Executive Principle, since congress is such a wussy term involving compromise and negotiation! Which of course could not come about from the spencerianist survival of the the fitest!
Tags: memewar

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