drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Black Robed Tyrants Threaten Free World!

A U.S. appeals panel sharply challenged the Bush administration Friday over new rules making it easier for police and the FBI to wiretap Internet phone calls. A judge said the government's courtroom arguments were ''gobbledygook.''

The skepticism expressed so openly toward the administration's case encouraged civil liberties and education groups that argued that the U.S. is improperly applying telephone-era rules to a new generation of Internet services.

''Your argument makes no sense,'' U.S. Circuit Judge Harry T. Edwards told the lawyer for the Federal Communications Commission, Jacob Lewis. ''When you go back to the office, have a big chuckle. I'm not missing this. This is ridiculous. Counsel!''

At another point in the hearing, Edwards told the FCC's lawyer that his arguments were ''gobbledygook'' and ''nonsense.''

The court's decision was expected within several months.

[ cf AmPravda: Judges Challenge Internet Wiretap Rules ]
Can there be any doubt that America MUST be protected from these Radical Extremists Black Robed Tyrants who illegally engage in Legislating from the Bench against The DIVINE WILL of GOD in their evil and sinister God Hating America Bashing Open Acts of TREASON by directly offering aid and comfort to the enemies of america who oppose america during it's transferrance of tax liabilities unto the Unborn!!!

Can there Be ANY DOUBT that the Great Decider should be allowed to decide decisions based solely upon the Divine Will Of Decision Making as Dictated by the mandates of the Argument from Intelligent Design and not based upon these Evils Modern SeXularists Humanists Dogma and their Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!

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