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ACLU Responds to DOJ Investigation of Gitmo Defense Lawyers - it seems that offering a legal defense is criminalish in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU!

Fortunately this will help solve the immigration crisis - ‘They Want to Kill You; They Want to Kill Me; They Want to Kill Our Families’

Yes folks, this maybe a good time to remember how Sundown town came into usage, as well, as the tragedy of Union Organizers in some of those tragedies.

Or should we just quietly wonder why it is that those coloured folks got themselves into gitmo, bagram, and all of those other places, since if they had not done anything wrong, then of course they would be allowed to live in white suburbs, with the gated communities, and the privatized armed forces to protect them from the uppity ones.
Tags: lawfare, memewar

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