drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop THREATENING T-Shirts! as they are scary!

Late Night: Guns Don’t Kill People - Tee Shirts Do!

Ok, so my real crank here is that People are pretending to not be an extension of the internal security apparatus SHOULD be forced to identify themselves as part of STASI when they are engaged in their part of the game.

This way we can tell which are the armed and dangerous, and which are merely more of the internatl security forces who are here to keep us safe from THEM!

{ don't get me wrong here, outing those Arizona gunNuts as puppet toadies of the Evil Monolithic Obamanite Crush Freedom Campaign, is, well, just a public service - so that folks do not wind up like the previous arizona militia groups who are doing FED time because some STASI agent rolled over and became state's evidence... }
Tags: konspirakii, memewar

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