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More KoinkiDenk Or Konspirakii!!!

Ok, so Porter Goss Bails
Porter Goss, the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, has resigned, President George W. Bush said.
Goss appeared with Bush. ``I believe the agency is on a very even keel, sailing well,'' he told the president. ``We have improved dramatically your goals for the nation's intelligence gathering.'' He did not say why he resigned.

[ cf Bloomberg: Goss Resigns as Director of Central Intelligence (Update1) ]
So it seems clear that at least Dick Cheney didn't want him around any more.

Then we have this Interesting Aside:
Aragoncillo, a former Marine, worked as a military aide to vice presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney starting in 1999. After retiring from the Marines, he became a civilian employee of the FBI, working at Fort Monmouth in central New Jersey.

He was arrested in September, along with Michael Ray Aquino, a former Philippine police official who is accused of passing information from Aragoncillo about Filipino leaders to current and former political officials in the Philippines.

[ cf WaPo: Ex-FBI Analyst Pleads Guilty to Espionage ]
Could it be that Dick FORGOT who he had informed whom was allowed to Leak What to Which, and well, gosh, golly. How was he suppose to know....

Mean while
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld faced tough questioning during an appearance before a foreign affairs group in the southern United States on Thursday. Several anti-Iraq war hecklers were ejected from the room, and the secretary had a sharp exchange with a man in the audience who is a former intelligence analyst.
[ cf VoA: Rumsfeld Faces Tough Questioner on Iraq War ]
WOW!!! Former Intelligence Analysts trying to help rummy sort out which was 'intelligence product' and what was merely more Marketting Spin!!!

So what IS the real deal here boys and girls

Could it be:
You can tell how seriously Congress takes President Bush's late-in-the-game admonitions on restraining federal spending.

The president earlier this year asked for $92.2 billion in emergency spending, mostly for ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hurricane relief. The House actually trimmed that amount slightly, but when the Senate finished with it, the bill had grown to $109 billion. And when Bush threatened to veto that amount, the Senate passed it, 77-21, anyway.

[ cf Emergency Red Ink ]

The president will not support funding ThatIraqiThingiePooh because it costs too much!!!

Can we believe our eyes!!! Majikally and Mystically suddenly The Greatest Military Leader EVER! is having doubts about winning the war on the american people???

Well Clearly that is good enough a reason to force those Damn Liberals to pay their fare share if they want to restore the wetlands in Iraq! It is not like this is a part of some failed Nation Building Project that Americans should have to pay for, simply because the Evil Klintonesta wanted to embark on their usual leftist liberal radical eco terrorism against Iraq!!!!

Now that is what America shold really be hearing!!! How the President is Standing UP to those Evil Klintonesta and cleaning house!!!

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