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What next? Democracy is Class Warfare? like duh

My conclusion. We can only win a fight to reform the health care system if it's carried on in the context of a critique of Big Business and if it focuses on the concerns of working Americans. I am not against addressing some of the concerns of the wealthier - if it doesn't lead to compromises that make the reforms less attractive to working people. The well off in America are satisfied with the current system. After yesterday, I believe this is more of a class issue than I had thought. And it's only going to be won if working people can be organized to support it.
[ citing Pete Stark's Town Hall Meeting in Fremont ]
like duh.

There is a reason that this has been a long time in coming. There is a reason that the cheap trick of allowing corporations to use their economic leverage to provide health care, as an indirect attack on small business, was, well, the compromise of the Great Compression Era.

What if it were time to just start talking openly and honestly about the failure of deregulation, and it's gambit of transferring public oversight into the land of private profit!
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