drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

PSA on Drug Abuse in Health Care Debate

Don't like Obamacare? Here's an alternative - Fortune editor Shawn Tully suggests a solution to fixing the health-care system. Keep it simple and let the free-market decide the rest.

OK, so I love the 4. Don't forget the supply side since, well, everyone needs to remember that without Tinker Belle - the majik change fairies will not majikally bring the change!

The first point was at least useful. The idea that most folks have no idea how much the employer gets as a tax break for offering health care coverage - and that by forcing that off the plate, more americans who got their health care coverage through work would become more aware of how broken the system has been. But they may also not correlate the Mythologies of Majikal Deregulation with, well, the problems here.

I mean, who can forget the Majikal Marvels of Deregulation, from energy, through the telecom sector, to financial services, you know the EnronIzing of America...

So please boys and NonPerkIn, while you are out there in the armed struggle against the Space Aliens who are taking away the High Paying Job in the STASI, remember that you need to not do bad drugs that make you have strange hallucinations.
Tags: konspirakii, memewar

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