drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It is PSA time kids

we have jerkoffs showing up with assault rifles to public debates, and folks are worried that the Prez has asked the public to send email if jerk offs are lying about policies...

But I am so pleased that folks are concerned about free speach... T-Shirts Kill, but... sorry, for some reason the HORROR of wearing a t-shirt with an ideologically questionable construct use to be enough to get the full tilt boogie dance of the state security apparatus...

So the big progress here is that an email address to take tips on when folks are lying has been shut down, so that the folks lying, will not have their emotions hurt... because, well, it is sooooooo emotionally traumatizing, like when people wear T-shirts...

Unlike actual life in the hostile fire pay zone, where it is not about dressing up like one can wear a gun, but where they bring their guns out to really do BizNiz...

Could that also be a part of the language part of the problem. Here in america they use their guns as their blankie, when they can not hide behind HanoiAnnieCoulter's dress.... and never quite get what a git they look like.
Tags: memewar

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