drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

White House Continues Transporting Granma's To OuterSpace Diners

Fox uses falsehood, cropped video to hype unsolicited email claims
undt: White House email: Mars/Mercury in action ( when your Fox Affiliated Astrology Site is doubting the Fox News Krisis of the Day, You have to wonder... )

All of which makes it clear that Fox News, as a part of the Evil Liberal Media Konspirakii that is covering up the fact that the Obamanites are Space Aliens who's DeathPanels are already selecting tasty morsels, have been sending granies to OuterSpace Diners as entree and orderves!

Can there be any doubt that this is proof that we MUST stop ObamaCare, before more earthlings turn up on the menu!
Tags: konspirakii

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