drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

RedIt Geeks just do not get it!

Some FruitBasket on reddit it referred us to Deadly gun battle in Gaza mosque: At least 13 people have been killed and at least 85 injured in a fierce gun battle in Gaza, emergency services say.

And then wondered: Why is this not getting more attention? Hamas vs Al-Qaeda in Gaza - 13 dead, 85 injured. as if there were some reason to worry about the WhateverOnWhomever when the nation is being crushed under the jack boot of Red Socialist Whatever!

Besides, it would also emotionally traumatize the psuedoCons and their semi-militia like friends, since, well those nasty militia overseas understand the value of RPG's, Mortars, and the other non-sporting weapon systems that the GunGrabbing Leftists in the NRA are not willing to support!

So why SHOULD americans care that some collection of darkies overseas are killing each other?

It's not like that is going to help the Health Insurance Industry!
Tags: konspirakii
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