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We complain now about the High Broderism and the craven incompetence of the Washington Post. But is there anything to match Walter Lippman in October 1968?
I believe that there really is a "new Nixon," a maturer and mellower man who is no longer clawing is wayto the top, and it is, I think, fair to hope that his dominating ambition will be to become a two-term President. He is bright enough to know that this will be impossible if he remains sunk in the Vietnam quagmire. Ending the war is indispensable if he is to become a successful President..."
I suspect not.
[ cf Today's Must-Read: Rick Perlstein on the Republican Crazy Tree ]
in which brad delong looks at rich perlstein's take on the current state of the Crazy Tree...

What if a core part of the problem here is that AmericanIsm IS the chief root of CrazyTreeLand...

And the problem is that evil liberals want to believe in some utility of reasonability and rationality, and that is all so lamely like 18th Century.
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