drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Another fun one...

Ok, so I just LOVE the line:
"They have to kill me.
It's an honor, they love God more than me. They have to do this.

[ cf Apocalyptic Pastor Claims to be Protecting ex-Muslim Teenage Runaway ( emphasis mine ) ]
I mean, why is it that this seems to be such a foreign notion amongst the Valiant Holy Crusaders of American KulturKampf?

Why is it that they are more committed to the idea of trying to show that they are not-astroturf, than they are to slaughtering the unbelievers, apostate, and hell spawns of liberalism?

Or is it just a cute part of the Meme War - and is really only useful as a way of showing that ourside is winning the war against those Unbelievers who are doing those bad things....
Tags: memewar, religion

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