drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which side is winning the Heckler's Veto?

David Moore, a Vietnam War veteran and German acquisitions specialist at the library who organized the event, said he had received several e-mails threatening violence and that he shared them with police and the library's inspector general.

He said he was disappointed by the cancellation but supports the decision because of safety concerns. "We can't have an event here that's going to develop into a brawl like a town hall meeting," he said.

He added, "Free speech in America is pretty well dead."

[ cf Lynndie England DC Lecture Canceled After Threats: Library of Congress lecture canceled after threats over Abu Ghraib reservist ]
It is so not making sense who was offering the threats of violence, and why such threats should even be in play.
Tags: torture, war_crimes

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