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New Faith Based Solution

The White House today released a lengthy new plan describing how the government intends to cope with an influenza pandemic, but officials continued to stress their standard message that states and communities will have to rely mainly on themselves in that situation, with the federal government in an advisory role.

"Rarely will the solution itself to the practical problem faced in a community come from inside the beltway," said Frances Townsend, President Bush's homeland security advisor, at a press briefing introducing the 228-page plan, titled National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan.

"Local communities will have to address the medical and non-medical effects of the pandemic with available resources," the document says. "This means that it is essential for communities, tribes, states, and regions to have plans in place to support the full spectrum of their needs over the course of weeks or months, and for the Federal Government to provide clear guidance on the manner in which these needs can be met."

[ cf CIDRAP: New US pandemic plan stresses local self-reliance ]
This of course does not change the Federally Mandated Prayer, and it MUST be in American!!!

All Patriotically Corrector Americans will chant
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!!
Then You Must Acquite!!!!
or those Iranian Flying Saucers will return to continue destroying our White Christian America!!!

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